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An Outdoor Retreat for Drinks and Bocce

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Some things in life require a good deal of convincing.

Other things in life involve frozen drinks and sand volleyball.

We bet you can guess which one this is.

It’s The Grove at Harwood, an outdoor oasis for sipping cold beverages and entertaining oneself with volleyball and bocce, opening Friday in Uptown.

Kindly inspect this slideshow. See what we mean? Nice place. It’s kind of like Saint-Tropez, in that you can sip rosé on a blanket amongst good company, sunshine and attractive environs. It’s less like Saint-Tropez in that this place is nestled into the Harwood District instead of coastal France. But still, good stuff. Much closer. Rosé.

Now, here are some things you can accomplish here:

—Play sand volleyball on a pair of courts.

—Engage in competitive bouts of bocce, cornhole and ladder golf.

—Order a piña colada at the walk-up six-stool bar and forget you’re not actually on vacation.

—Sit at one of those white-and-blue tables and eat a turkey panini or a meat-and-cheese board. (See the menu.)

—Lie in the grass and have a civilized picnic of champagne and fruit.

But don’t feel limited.

You could also take a nap.


The Grove at Harwood
3019 McKinnon St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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