Goose Morals

One of Those Places to Get Nice Clothes

None So much to discuss today.

Tell you what. Let’s just start with the rooster-embroidered shirt and take it from there...

They have a rooster-embroidered shirt at Goose Barnacle, a new site from a Brooklyn-based store that wants nothing more than to see you looking properly leisured this summer, online now.

Let’s see, they’ve got aloha shirts, denim everything, that rooster-embroidered button-down, Bavarian-print pillows. Essential things like that.

So say you’ve got a day-date thing. Or you’re just trying to hang out on a patio in a shirt that’s light, printed with small sunbrellas and definitely from Paris. You’re all set. Maybe learn to have less wildly specific desires, though.

Maybe it’s sunny and you’re wearing a navy cap with a “B” on it. Maybe it’s not and you’ve gone inside for a cheese biscuit.

Either way, you should probably be heading to a BBQ by this point. Grab an oversize light-acid-blue denim jacket that has “BBQ” written all over it.

Minus having “BBQ” written all over it.

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