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This Takes Racquet Sports Pretty Seriously

None Well, sh*t.

Now they made a thing that tracks your ping-pong stats.

The world is a many-splendored place.

Because the world now has Pulse Play, a new piece of wearable, racquet-sports-specific technology that’s a scorekeeper, an announcer and a bunch of other things all in one. It’s available for preorder now and ships this fall.

The guy behind this is three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Ram. Andy Ram has a name that’s the ’80s power ballad of names. But beyond that, he’s good at making devices that track your motions, keep score and talk to you. It works for tennis, badminton, squash and ping-pong.

So let’s assume you’re on board with this scenario. Splendid. When it arrives, slap it on your wrist and sync it with the corresponding app. Then, as you loft balls back and forth over nets of varying sizes, it’ll keep score in one of 50 voices like Seinfeld, Homer Simpson and Elvis for some reason.

When you’re done, use your stats to track your improvements over time. Or use the location feature to find future opponents.

Or just be done.

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