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When Snapchat Meets FaceTime: This

None “Let’s have a Quickie.”

What, that?

That was a perfectly acceptable new way to initiate video calls.

Is all.

Thank Quickie, a new app that gives you the option of engaging in self-destructing video calls and then leaves you to your own devices, now available for iPhone.

Oh, you want us to elaborate. Sure. This combines the self-destructing, timed aspects of Snapchat with the just-having-a-casual-conversation-here aspects of FaceTime. So what you end up with is basically real-time video chats that explode after a predetermined period of time anywhere from five t0 60 seconds.

You’ll choose a friend who also has the app—an old friend, maybe. A new friend, maybe. A special friend, maybe. You’ll send them a request for a 20-second “Quickie.” You’ll commence face-to-facing, do what you will, and then the call will end.

Use it to share a laugh with Toby from finance.

Use it to drop a quick line to your friend from that one place that one time.

Use it to do... other things.

That last part was suggestive because of the dots.

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