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An App That Fights Parking Tickets. Finally.

None “Payment is required no later than 21 calendar days from the date of this parking violation.”

Ah, yes...

Fighting words.

Here’s Fixed, a finally-in-LA app that fights your parking tickets for you because you could but don’t want to, now getting your back on iPhone and Android.

Imagine having some smooth-talking Saul Goodman inside your phone who fathoms the labyrinthine nuances of city parking laws. Who just loves a good fight with local bureaucrats every time you receive a parking citation. Now open your eyes, download this thing and sign up. See what you just wished into existence.

Then, next time you find your windshield unduly graced with some manner of heinous tariff, you’ll take a picture of the offending document and upload it here. That’s it. They’ll tell you your odds of beating the thing, let you contest the ticket by pressing a button or two, then keep you up-to-date on the battle that ensues. While you’re out living your life.

If they can’t beat it, you pay nothing. If they find errors or loopholes and the ticket is dismissed, they get 35% of your original fine.

Plus the privilege of yelling “objection” whenever appropriate.

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