Make It Happn

If Tinder and Missed Connections Were One Thing

None First, there were amorous letters scrawled with feathers.

Then there were phone calls.

Then there were... late phone calls.

Eventually, the skies parted and the courtship-tech gods decreed, “Let there be Happn”—it’s a dating app that’s sort of like Tinder meets Missed Connections, and it’s now live in San Francisco.

Yeah, swiping right to converse with like-minded strangers has been a thing for a while now. Like Tinder, Happn connects to Facebook to create your profile. Log on, fill out a few basics about your matches’ gender and age, and then... go. Step outside. Get a coffee or something.

The app tracks your location, and when you pass by someone interesting, their profile shows up on your phone—if it’s a mutual match, you can chat and take it from there.

A few scenarios where this might come in handy:

1) You notice someone impossibly attractive from the backseat of your Uber. Just as your driver enters an on-ramp.

2) You’re so into the paper at the Mill that you’re not paying attention to your surroundings. Oh, look. That’s what you missed. On your phone.

3) You’re exiting ABV with friends, and you hold the door for someone going in.

Someone with great taste in bars.

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