Grid and Play

Here, Have a Trailer and a Rooftop Tent. Now Go.

You get attached to your car.

Driving in it. Eating in it. Rolling calls in it.

Reaching meaningful epiphanies on top of it, in the middle of nowhere...

That’s something you can do through Off the Grid Rentals, a new Laguna Hills company renting out rooftop tents and other modern camping accommodations that hook right up to your ride, now booking online.

The beaches of Baja are calling. Some Inland Empire mountainsides remain undeveloped. Joshua Tree keeps appearing in friends’ party talk. There’s no fighting the road trip.

And so this company will be the one booking and issuing you an unusually teardrop-shaped custom trailer behind your car. The kind with a stove and a fridge built into the back that goes off-road and fits two and a full bed.

Or if this is more of a group thing, you can get one of their three-person tents that connect right to the roof of that trailer or your car. It sets itself up in seconds using pressurized gas.

Really roughing it out there, huh.

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