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Sometimes you just want to kick back, relax and look at something weird that you just hung on your wall.

It’s completely normal.


It is.

And it’ll all make sense at Made Again, a new place where you’ll go to procure items of an eccentric nature for your mountain chalet, your apartment and/or any dwelling you’d like to be less normal, opening Wednesday in the fledgling Inman Quarter. (The slideshow’s this way.)

It’s one big open room full of things. Cool things. Things made entirely by local artists and local craftspeople—random chairs scattered about. Paintings leaning against walls. Peculiar inventions everywhere.

Sidestep the suspended wooden cages holding beard oils and buffalo-nickel tie tacks, and you’ll see some antique fire extinguishers that have been turned into lamps. Excellent for lighting your home and convincing people that you fight fires.

Bypass the table displaying leather wallets, watch straps and belts. Those are for later. Right now, your focus is on that gigantic plywood tree behind you. You must have it. It’s the perfect excuse for indoor picnics. Plus you can finally get that living room tire swing.

The big thing here is that they’re selling a plywood tree.


Made Again
280 Elizabeth St NE, Ste H.2
Atlanta, GA, 30307


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