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Everything in This Notebook Will Disappear

None When you have ideas, sometimes you write them down in a notebook.

And when you run out of space in that notebook, you heat it up in the microwave to erase everything and start fresh again.


Well, then.

Here’s Rocketbook, a new piece of amazingry that lets you instantly upload your handwritten scribbles to the cloud with the help of a corresponding app, then erases everything when you throw it in a microwave for 30 seconds, now available for preorder and shipping in July.

This probably shouldn’t exist. It’s too advanced. It’s from the future way too much. But since it does, we’ll go ahead and elaborate:

Step 1: Have great ideas. Maybe have a good doodle in mind, also. A lion or whatever.

Step 2: Transcribe those ideas and doodles into the notebook using the special pen they send you.

Step 3: Pull up the app, hover your phone over the notebook and flip through the pages. There, everything’s in the cloud now, organized by where you want it (Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, your inbox).

Step 4: Make what-just-happened-here face.

Step 5: Yep. We’ve reached the part where you microwave a notebook.

It’s a weird part.

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