Quick Fixd

A Virtual Mechanic That Lives in Your Car

None Good thing you don’t use your car that often.

(And then everyone laughed.)

And they kept laughing until they saw Fixd, a new device that plugs into your car’s fuse box and sends helpful messages to a corresponding app when something goes wrong. The Android sensor and app are now available, and the iPhone stuff is available for preorder.

Basically, it’s always monitoring and diagnosing issues under your hood. Couple things: 1) That was a very boring sentence. 2) It’s like having a tiny mechanic living inside your dashboard. Probably made himself a tent out of gum wrappers or something.

Moving on. Let’s say your “Check Engine” light comes on. Usually that means... nobody knows. Except this thing does, and it’ll send a message to your phone describing the issue (O2 sensor failure, cylinder misfire...) and consequences of continued driving.

You arrive at the nearest mechanic and tell them the issue. They concur. You ask the price. They say something outrageous. You say, “Nice try, Ron.” (His name is Ron.) “Here’s what everything should cost. With labor.” Because it gives that info, too.

Mechanics are going to love this thing.

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