Bid Vicious

An Auction of Fantastical Little Curiosities

None ... and then there was a vintage martini set.

... and then there was a paperweight in the shape of a dachshund.

... and then some hamburger cufflinks happened.

... and it was all so delightful and overwhelming that I didn’t know what to bid on next because the next thing was a sterling-silver-plated peanut. A silver peanut.

That was you, by the way.

Virtually reveling in the virtual glory of the Gentlemen’s Accessories Auction, which is the self-fulfilling name of a thing that’s happening online now through April 1.

Just some little trinkets and such. The kinds of things you’d see strewn about some eccentric elk hunter’s Montana chalet. The place he goes to when he’s not smoking Cohibas behind a mahogany desk on the 87th floor of... and we’re back.

And here’s a highlight reel:

—A champagne-bottle-shaped glass decanter with a silver collar from British silversmith John Grinsell & Sons.

—A Tiffany calculator from the ’80s.

—Those four things you were dreaming about in italics up there.

—A set of chess pieces originally designed as a gift for the detective agency known for trailing Jesse James and Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch.

—A little sculpture of a bag.

Ignore the little sculpture of a bag.


Gentlemen’s Accessories Auction

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