If Hooks Could Kill

Immediate Alerts for... Everything You’re Into

None First you read your Google Alerts involving parades and beer. Next you checked in with your stocks. Then you had to investigate your three favorite weather apps. Then...

All these make-life-easier things are getting a little complicated.

And then there was Hooks, a smart new app allowing you to curate all kinds of necessary and crazy notifications in one place—now available for iOS.

Great way to have everything you want/need to know about in one organized feed. So you’re not constantly going from email to texts to current Panorama City humidity levels. You’ll get tons of alert suggestions from other users, or you can set your own using keywords for stuff you like. Important things like:

—Surprise album drops. Bolton’s totally due.
—Good sales on handsome, wearable things.
—Tracking packages containing handsome, wearable things.
—Events by keyword. Like “new,” “happy” and “hour.”
—Your preferred bands’ next shows at El Rey.
—Impending pollen incursions.
—Tarantino’s monthly New Beverly calendar. Just the obscure Finnish stuff. You can do that with this.
—Lotto numbers. You know, that one guy and all.
—CicLAvia. Always sneaks up.
—Important Netflix vault acquisitions.
—Your local NFL team scores.

Maybe. Someday.

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