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Here’s an App That Livestreams Everything

Right now, someone in the world is doing something.

It’s a fact.

Maybe they’re even doing something interesting like having a haiku-off with Christopher Walken or playing backgammon in a ball pit.

Guess you’ll never know, though.

Unless, of course, they’re broadcasting their exploits on, a new app that puts punctuation in weird places and also allows for the mutual exchange of all manner of livestreamed videos, now available for iPhone and Android.

You’re a real person who has real experiences in life. Coincidentally, other people also exist. This lets you guys share videos with each other in real time.

There, that was easy. Now you get it. Now you’re free to go do fantastical things with your afternoon, open up this app and unleash them upon the masses as they happen. You’ll be able to see how many people are watching your stream, chat within the video itself and share everything through Facebook, Twitter, text and email.

Same thing works in reverse. See that button that says “Live” at the top of the screen? Click it. See that video of someone summiting Everest with a selfie stick? Now click that. Poof—you’re right there with them.

And their f**king selfie stick.

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