Shaking Point

Team PDT Just Parted with 400 Drink Recipes

None Three important things are about to happen in your life:

1) Your cocktail IQ is about to reach 150.

2) You’ll learn there’s no actual scale for measuring cocktail IQ.

3) Who cares because you’re also learning about PDT Cocktails—a new app altruistically providing you with every drink recipe ever served in New York’s infamous PDT (400, if you’re counting) since its inception in 2007. It’s now available for iPhone.

No idea why this would ever be useful. No idea when you’d ever need recipes for PDT’s homemade mixers and syrups and a list of over 1,000 ingredients. Still, just in case...

Maybe your friend’s having a party. You show up, mingle, tell them their lawn is really coming in nicely, then head for the drink cart. It’s a sad drink cart. You look at your friend and say, “You call this a drink cart? Party’s over.” But then you say, “Just kidding. I can work with this. Party’s still on.” Everyone laughs.

Open the app, select your currently available roster of ingredients and alcohol, and a list of recipes will appear. Make your selection and start mixing.

Then apologize for accidentally turning it into your party.

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