Pancake Boss

It’s a Thing That Prints Pancakes, Is All

None As a frequent enjoyer of delicious pancakes, you probably already have a pancake robot.

That was a sarcastic quip about how no one has a pancake robot.

And this is... PancakeBot, a new thing that someone named correctly because it’s a machine that literally prints out pancakes in whatever patterns you design them in, and it’s now available for preorder.

So many directions to go here.

Let’s see...

If Number 5 from Short Circuit and Mrs. Butterworth got together and... nah, too expected.

If Bill Nye dropped out of the science game and bought an IHOP franchise... nope, too on-the-nose.

How about we just say this instead: one day, an enterprising family man saw a void in the pancake-making-devices market. So he invented something that allows you to draw anything you want, then upload that drawing into a computer program, then print it out in real-life pancake form on top of a steaming griddle.

There. That’s this. That’s exactly what you have here.

You can make pancake airplanes. Pancake Castle Grayskulls. Pancake left arms. Pancake United States Constitutions. Anything you can think of. Just draw it up, print it out and eat it.

Sorry, someone already beat you to the pancake circle.

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