Magic Momunt

Following Places Instead of People

None This social media thing. Maybe you’ve been doing it all wrong. It’s not people you should be following. It’s places.

At least that’s what these guys think.

These guys who made Momunt, a social app that sort of ignores people in favor of places, just launched last week for iPhone and soon available for Android.

This basically collects any photos posted to Instagram, Twitter or the app itself from a given location, and presents them in a single feed.

So check it out on H Street, and see which bar’s doing something interesting, based on what people are posting.

Or think bigger. Bust this out at the Sweetlife Festival, and see just how many angles of Charli XCX on stage you can see.

Or if you get bored with her, you can use the map function to teleport yourself anywhere in the world. Say, Machu Picchu. Boom. You’re seeing what’s going on at Machu Picchu.

You can also follow your favorite locations, and save the results for posterity. Like if you’re Bill O’Reilly or Brian Williams, you could save all the war zones you’ve been to.

Or not.

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