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Text This Number. They’ll Send You Anything.

None Let’s pretend someone offers to deliver you something.

Your powers of deductive reasoning are telling you this is a good thing.

Now, let’s pretend someone offers to deliver you... anything.

Your imagination is telling you to get a little weird.

Kindly escort your imagination to Magic. It’s a new service wherein you text a number and the people on the other end of that number send you whatever you want (yes, it has to be legal), and it’s available now.

Here’s a fake Q&A between us and fake people:

You in the back, go ahead...

I’m a pretty big Pappy fan. Can they send me a bottle of Pappy?


You there, who looks like he’s about to ask a question about Zubaz...

Can they send me some zebra-striped Zubaz pants?

Yes. And Jesus.

Ma’am, your question...

So I just text them and they literally send me whatever I ask for?

The answer is still not no.

Okay, last question please...

Is there a massive waitlist to get into this thing because it’s so new and full of majesty?

There sort of really is. But the first 300 people to text “URBANDADDY” to these guys will get bumped to the front of the line.

Point is: yes.

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