This App Wants You to Meet People on Vacation

None Your bags are packed.

Your flight leaves tomorrow.

You’re just so f**king excited.

But... you forgot to meet someone who’s going to go on dates with you once you land.

Only you didn’t, because here’s Wander, a new app that only pairs you with as-yet-unattached people who are going exactly where you’re going, now available for iPhone with Android not far behind.

Oh, man. This is going to be great. You get to put sunblock on. You get to frolic. But, most importantly, you get to meet up with so-and-so from Charlotte at that little bakery on the water because you guys already set that up through this app.

It’s pretty similar to Tinder’s new Passport thing, where you can browse other humans who live anywhere in the world. Only it’s not a premium feature or anything. It just sort of... is. And everyone in there is single and about to go on the same vacation as you.

No way that’ll work out perfectly in every way.

You’ll sign in with Facebook. Then it’ll ask you where you’re going. Then you’ll swipe around, press the “Like” button when things feel right and start planning adventures together.

And stuff.

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