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Tacos and Tequila on Oak Lawn

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How do you improve on things like scotch and sausage?

You don’t.

That was a rhetorical question.

But what you can do... add tacos.

Proving this is S&S Tequileria, a new place for drinking tequila and eating tacos that’s so named because it comes from the Scotch & Sausage guys and serves both tequila and tacos. It officially opens tonight on Oak Lawn.

So, this place... it’s under the same roof as Scotch & Sausage, and they connect via a pass-through. But whereas the left side is all brown liquor and tube meats, to your right you’ll find a separate space that’s sporting black sugar-skull wallpaper, lots of wood and a tiny bar that’s flush with agave. See what we mean?

Now, you should know that tonight they’re doling out gratis tacos from 8:30 until they run out. But the actual menu doesn’t launch for another couple weeks. When it does, you can expect to eat guisado tacos and tamales and elotes and other things that make sense alongside mezcal shots and margaritas.

And here’s more good news: when that menu launches, they’ll also start opening for lunch.

Lunch is always better with tequila.

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