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Bags of Desire Inspired by the Hamptons

None Look, there’s just no way around this.

You’re going to need to go someplace beachy and walk around with bags that most people would refer to as “pretty nice bags.”

We know. But it’s important you understand that we don’t make the rules.

Hither Hill does. Actually, they make things like duffels, backpacks and totes out of other things like twill, canvas and brass... but close enough. They’re online now.

These were inspired by the coastal vibes of Montauk. As in the Hamptons. As in the place that’s apparently really good at inspiring people to make bags that look like how saying “After this swell breaks, we should all keep our shirts unbuttoned and pop over to that new brunch spot on the water”... feels.

So let’s talk about those, shall we. That’s why we’re all here today.

For those water-repellent barrel sport duffels with solid brass hardware and little pockets in all the right places. For those navy totes specifically engineered for lazy, sandy afternoons. For those dopp kits with bridle-leather straps and those portfolios and those pencil holders.

The old slip-the-pencil-holders-in-there move.

People love that move.

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