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Buying the Contents of Rhino Bar

None The great ones all live on after they’re gone. F. Scott Fitzgerald. John Lennon. Rhino Bar.

Yeah, that last one is a new development, because when the Georgetown sports dive recently closed, they decided to fire sale everything inside. Hence, the Rhino Bar Online Auction, accepting bids now. Here’s our five favorite items.

Rhino Head
Lot: 10446.
Current Bid: $800.
Useful For: Adding to your trophy room. Or starting a trophy room.

Marble Bar
Lot: 10460.
Current Bid: None. Maybe because you have to “de-install” it yourself.
Useful For: Adding a bar to any room that’s at least 31 feet long, because that’s how long this thing is.

Two-Tier Conveyor Pizza Oven
Lot: 10361.
Current Bid: A steal at $57.50.
Useful For: An inspired cookout come springtime. Or as a backup heat source right now.

Converted Gas Pump Beer Dispenser
Lot: 10444.
Current Bid: $205.
Useful For: Well, it’s got a Harley logo, so it’s a perfect addition to your annual Sons of Anarchy–themed party.

Framed, Signed Dennis Rodman Bulls Jersey
Lot: 10473.
Current Bid: $110.
Useful For: Securing a visa to North Korea. Don’t worry, though. They’ve got dozens of other signed jerseys and such, from legends like Patrick Ewing, David Beckham, Bo Jackson and John Riggins.

There’s a Philadelphia Eagles poster, too. It’s $1.


Rhino Bar Online Auction

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