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A Downtown Bar with Oysters and Gin

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Hello. Good Presidents’ Day?

Okay, that’s enough small talk.

Because here’s The Mitchell, a real looker of a Downtown bar where you can partake in fresh oysters and gin cocktails, now open on Main Street.

Take a gander. The first thing you’ll notice: this place used to be the Chesterfield. (RIP, the Chesterfield.) But it’s gotten a few updates, like the royal-blue banquettes and bar stools, plus some new chandeliers. And in the kitchen, there’s a Belly & Trumpet alum who’s putting out a varied menu. Think cheeseburgers, but also think caviar. And then think, “Hey, I enjoy eating both those things.” (See the menu.)

But if it’s drinking you want to do, you’re still in the right place. Because here they’re pouring gin cocktails and sparkling wines.

So bring a date and go side-by-side at the wood bar. Start with a few East Coast oysters and a glass of cold champagne. Or share a little caviar because it’s Tuesday and caviar tastes good. Besides, that stuff ought to really get you in the mood for some enjoyable extracurriculars later... We’re thinking a charcuterie board and probably that cheeseburger.

Not sure what you had in mind.

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