Local Hero

Jeans and Sweaters and Tea and Everything

None Here’s how today is going to go.

First, we’re going to list some things. Then, you’re going to stop us when you think something would make a good addition to your home, body, soul and/or life in general.

Ready? Here goes:

—A Monkey 47 gin kit.

—A black travel wallet from Tanner Goods.

—A damn compass.

—Oh, almost forgot the part where we say: “This is Local, a Berlin-based, virtual house of sweaters, jeans, Earl Grey tea and all those other things we’re currently in the process of mentioning, now online for your basic lifestyle-ing needs.” So there’s that. Moving on...

—A linen tote bag.

—A tube of medical toothpaste.

—A bright-red merino wool hat.

—A little enamel bowl that you can feel free to call a “saucer” if you’d like.

We’re going to pretend you stopped us forever ago.

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