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Here’s a Taco Place Called Velvet Taco

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This week, love is in the air.

So we found you a place to hide from it.

Quick, in here: Velvet Taco, a two-story mash note to the magic that happens when you wrap nice things in tortillas, opening tonight in the Gold Coast.

This comes from Dallas, a place that’s always going on about how it likes big things. Which probably explains the size of these tacos.

So you may find yourself ducking in here post-work for some buffalo chicken or Cuban Pig ones, the latter being filled with pickles, pulled pork and roasted ham. You could also get a can of Hamm’s with it. We did a “ham” thing there.

All the while, you’ll sit amid the subway-tiled splendor with big rolls of paper towels and bottles of hot sauce on the table. Not to mention a nice upstairs view of the... thing that is the Viagra Triangle.

Yes, there will inevitably be times when some sort of late-night voodoo places you smack in the middle of this neck of the woods. But rest assured, you’ll find all the sorbet-infused margaritas and fried-egg-topped, herb-goat-cheesed, highly baconed tater tots you could ever need at such an hour.

Which is probably just one order.


Velvet Taco
1110 N State St
(at Rush)
Chicago, IL, 60610


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