Tweet Smarts

This Turns Tweets into Sonnets and Stuff

None Shakespeare. Frost. Dickinson.

You might never reach their level of poetic greatness.

But, hey, your tweets are pretty good.

Maybe you can get somewhere with those.

Fancy yourself a bard with Poetweet, a new website that transforms your tweets (and anyone else’s) into sonnets, rondels and indrisos, online now.

If you’ve got a Twitter handle and at least 160 tweets, you’re halfway there. You’ll plug in your handle and choose from three different poem types, and within seconds, it’ll generate a lyrical masterpiece composed of your forgotten 140-character musings.

Which means it’s 100% written by you. Which makes you a genuine poet. Some of that was true.

In order to show you how this works, we’re going to need some real tweets from some fake volunteers. Ah, here we go...

Out!! Got a great sweat on though!
Again, it’s go time! Super pumped!
Bro to youngest bro. 1 through 5
Your service! We always get amped

Disney on Ice
Daily kisses or my alien face

Lol r u serious?
I’m not “famous.” I’m famous.

Of course the dog made the most sense.

Elsewhere on the Daddy

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