Look Who’s Talking

What’s This? This Is a Talking Grill.

None Your grill’s great at cooking burgers and steaks and corn and everything.  

But it’s a pretty lackluster conversationalist.

Meet SmartGrill, an LA-made grill that’ll talk to you and cook things itself so you can do other stuff, now available for preorder and shipping in March.

This has all the things you’d expect from a high-quality gas grill. Stainless-steel body. Infrared burner. Heat sensors. Two-hundred preprogrammed recipes. And the ability to speak to you, hear you and text you. Okay, maybe you’ve been expecting a lot from grills.

Just... open it. It’ll ask you what you’re cooking. Like, with a voice. You’ll say, “Burgers, medium-rare.” Then it will assist you in placing the meat in the right zone for perfect cooking.

Here comes the most important step: the step when you can get busy with standing around your backyard cookout, drinking beers with friends. When it needs you to flip a patty or remove your food or something, it will text you via the corresponding app.

If you don’t respond, it will simply turn the heat down and keep everything warm. And you can teach it to remember your preferences for next time.

Just don’t text it at 3am.

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