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An Attractive Hangout with Flatbreads and Beer

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Never trust a skinny chef.

That makes sense. People say that.

People don’t say the same thing about rabbits.

But we’d like to assume the logic holds.

Don’t think too hard, just go check out Fat Rabbit. It’s an attractive indoor/outdoor situation where you can hold court over beers and flatbreads, soft-open now on McKinney Ave. (See the slideshow.)

These guys are grand-opening February 5, so expect a few things to change between now and then, including a bigger menu. But in the meantime, swing by for lunch or dinner or drinks or just a comfortable place to sit.

And when you do, you’ll notice there’s a lot going on here. For starters, the big heated patio flanking both sides of the entrance. Throw in a multisided wooden bar, leather booths and a big skull painting, and you’ve got everything you need. Plus a big skull painting.

And food-wise, it’s not just one big menu of overweight rabbits. It’s more of a short-rib-brisket burger, spicy sausage flatbread and grilled skirt steak kind of place. You’ll make do. Oh, and about the drinks: they’ve got plenty. Local beers, cocktails, whiskey...

Carrot juice... no, no carrot juice.


Fat Rabbit
2533 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75201


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