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None The Monopoly man.

Now there was a guy who knew how to break great news about parking.

But let’s try to top him.

With SpotHero, a site/app that’s going to make you laugh at those who struggle to find parking, now available for this proud, impossible-to-park-in city.

We don’t toss phrases like “This will change your life” around easily. But how about you let us know when you find parking in Meatpacking on a Friday night. No, forget about that. Just go to this site, or download their app, and let them know where you need to park, and whether it’ll be a daily or monthly situation.

At that point, they’ll let you know the cost (keep in mind: this isn’t Evansville, Indiana) and the location. Then you can check out photos of the property and get tips on parking, which apparently someone spent mental energy creating. Then you’ll book said parking spot.

Then you drive to where you’re going, and someone parks your car. Your date says something like “Wow, your parking-finding skills are really intriguing.”

Then you shake that one off and proceed with the date.

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