Tune Up

It’s Like Shazam for TV and All That

None Maybe you’re a silent-movie buff.

Maybe you just love the way closed captioning looks.

Maybe the mute button on your remote got stuck and you ended up liking it.

But probably not.

So here’s Tunity, an app that automatically streams the audio from muted TVs straight to your phone, now available for iPhone and Android.

Shazam for TV is not an inaccurate way to describe this. Only instead of identifying songs and artists, it identifies what channel you’re watching and streams the audio directly to your phone.

First, download it. It won’t work if you don’t. Then point your camera at the TV you want to hear. In a couple seconds, it’ll figure out what you’re watching and begin streaming the audio to your phone. It’s weird.

But there’s a bunch of ways weird can come in handy, like...

—When you’re at the gym and the Top 10 is on.

—When you’re at the bar and the only TV playing your game is the one in the corner with no sound.

—When you’re at home and the volume’s too low and you can’t find your remote and that’s really lazy of you but still.

Anyway, you’re a sound thief now.

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