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A Henderson Hangout with Barbecue and Beer

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The typical country club involves tennis pros and guys named Hoyt.

This country club involves ribs and beer.

You’ll allow it.

See for yourself at Henderson Avenue Country Club, a new, nicer-than-usual honky-tonk where smoked meats, live music and cold beers converge. It all begins tomorrow night, when the bar kicks off three days of opening festivities. (See the slideshow.)

Right, so you can’t—well, you shouldn’t—practice your short irons here. Instead, the white-woods-and-red-leather hangout with Texas flags on the wall is more of a barbecue-and-bands kind of place. Which... hey, good kind of place.

This week it’s appetizers only, but the full menu launches Monday. (See it here.) And that’s great news if you like charcuterie, smoked quail and chicken-fried steak. It’s pretty neutral news if you don’t, but that’s on you. Either way, the whole space opens up to the patio, so that’s where you’ll want to settle in with a beer and some whiskey when things warm up a bit.

And in the front corner, there’s a stage. So expect to see a regular assortment of country and folk bands.

Or just reach out and touch them.


Henderson Avenue Country Club
2405 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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