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House-Brewed Beers and Charcuterie in Oak Cliff

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In the ongoing effort to keep drinking beer, you could learn to make it yourself.

Teach a man to fish and all that.

Or... maybe just let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Yeah, that sounds easier.

Pull up a chair at Small Brewpub. The long-awaited Oak Cliff drinkery is soft-open now for all your beer-, cocktail- and charcuterie-related exploits. (See the slideshow here.)

There’s no mistaking this place for anything but a brewpub. Inside, you’ve got three steel tanks and bags of grain along the wall. Picnic tables, too, and a bar fashioned from custom woodwork that curves inward, giving you the feeling of being nestled inside a loving, barrel-like cocoon. Anyway, it’s cozy.

But about beer. They’re making it here. On any given day they’ll be sporting up to six in-house varieties, like a black-pepper pilsner and a Russian imperial stout. You should really consider drinking them. But they’ve got a handful of other beers, as well, plus a small menu of cocktails, including the Nicaraguan Fix with rum, coffee and pineapple.

And beginning tomorrow, they’ll start serving food. Think charcuterie, terrines and gnocchi.

In the meantime, just keep thinking about beer.

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