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The Loon Gets a Second Chance

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Back in May, the Loon closed, leaving many inconsolable Uptowners deprived of heavy pours and late-night burgers.

Oh, but fortunately it was replaced by a CVS, because what the world needs is another CVS...

Anyway, it’s kind of back now.

See for yourself at Cliff’s Bar & Grill, the relocated and renamed watering hole from the owner of the Loon, now open around the block on McKinney Ave. (See it here.)

Used to be, the Loon was just a crowded dive where you could end your night with something to eat and the stiffest of gin and tonics. You’ll use this place in mostly the same way. Though, it sure looks different. For starters, it’s sporting a big patio out front. And inside: stone walls, leather chairs and many big TVs.

You can work with that. So one of these nights, swing on by to investigate. Sit at the bar and order something domestic with a side of whiskey. Snack on wings, nachos and thin-crust pizzas. Tilt your neck slightly to watch the Mavs game. Order another round. Yeah, that’s it.

You must’ve done this before.


Cliff’s Bar & Grill
3403 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204


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