Nudge Report

This Fitness App Sounds Helpful

None In column A, we’ve got 45 minutes of cardio.

In column B: playing a game on your phone.

Let’s see which wins out.

Since you already know the answer, consult Nudge Kick. It’s a new app that’ll help you meet fitness goals by blocking access to... other apps, available now for Android and coming soon to your browser.

Right, so this is an app that helps you not use other apps. Maybe it’s confusing, or maybe it’s a shrewd business idea. Either way, it’s a thing now, and here’s how it works.

Step 1: Download the app. It’s in beta now, with a full version in the works.

Step 2: Set a fitness goal like running three miles or going to the gym.

Step 3: Select all the apps you want to block access to. Facebook, Twitter, Apoplectic Poultry or whatever else takes up too much of your time.

Step 4: Go out and actually complete said goals. Because this thing won’t unlock those apps until you’ve checked in at your gym or run those miles.

Step 5: And... that’s it, really.

Don’t forget to hydrate.

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