Fired Up

The Best Fireside Seats in Town

So here we are. 11/11. The day the weather broke and forced everyone to dig through their closet for a parka. But before you just go nuts and start a trash can fire at your desk, consider... not doing that. Because now you know about these much, much better fireplace options.

Table 30, Komali

Table 30, Komali

You require: Spicy pork ribs and habanero-spiked cocktails. Plus one more thing that’s warm.
You’ll receive: That other thing. It’s this cozy two-top beside Komali’s conversation piece of a fireplace. Here’s a talking point to get you started: “Wow, get a load of that fireplace.”

Komali, 4152 Cole Ave, Ste 106, 214-252-0200

The Fireside Table, The Live Oak Bar

The Fireside Table, The Live Oak Bar

You require: Something outdoors because you refuse to be bested by the weather. But... your closest table to the fire, please.
You’ll receive: A cozy setup of two couches and a table right in front of the big stone fireplace. Bring a special someone(s) and huddle for added warmth.

The Live Oak Bar at Fearing’s, 2121 McKinney Ave, 214-922-4848

Tables 15 and 16, Hibiscus

Tables 15 and 16, Hibiscus

You require: A plush leather booth and perfectly cooked steaks.
You’ll receive: Both of those things next to a roaring fireplace. Watch the light flicker across your Wagyu bone-in steak’s enchanting visage as you lean in for the first bite. That’s not weird at all.

Hibiscus, 2927 N Henderson Ave, 214-827-2927

Table 88, The Mansion Bar

Table 88, The Mansion Bar

You require: A quiet spot to enjoy a drink before taking things upstairs.
You’ll receive: A couple high-backed chairs, a little table and a grand fireplace so close you could use it to warm your brandy.

Fire Pit, The Rooftop at Nora

Fire Pit, The Rooftop at Nora

You require: An open fire for, well... not roasting s’mores so much as drinking wine and enjoying city views.
You’ll receive: This stone fire pit that’s anchoring Nora’s roof. Claim one of the surrounding benches, warm your hands, burn some incriminating documents... Hey, your fire.

The Rooftop at Nora, 1928 Greenville Ave, 214-828-0095

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