Crazy Antix

This App Might Make Warren Miller Obsolete

None First comes the cold weather.

Then comes the snow.

Then comes your new first-person-viewpoint snowboarding action movie.

This sequence of events brought to you by Antix, an artificially intelligent action film editor for your next stunt reel, now available for Android (iPhone’s not far behind).

This app lets you have more fun filming with your GoPro with less time spent editing out all the boring stuff. That’s what this app lets you do. See, inside it is a tiny Warren Miller. That, or they’re just employing really sophisticated algorithms that kind of think like him.

Point is: it can automatically detect the best parts of your adventure sports hijinks and edit them into little Vine-like snippets that will be uploaded to social networks, tagged with your location and assigned points based on things like level of difficulty and virality.

So say you’re planning a little ski trip this winter. You put on your head camera and go do things. Have fun on moguls. Careen down double black diamonds. Splash around in hot tubs. Post your video and add comments like “Do not attempt: professional in a closed hot tub.”

You can have that one.

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