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Extreme Sledding and Other Winter Pursuits

The days are short. A polar vortex heads this way. Which means: fleece. Yes, fleece. But also: time to start planning some subfreezing, high-adventure excursions. Like these...

Ski and Tee at Wintergreen Resort

Ski and Tee at Wintergreen Resort

The Challenge: Skiing all morning on this Virginia mountain, followed by an afternoon round of golf 3,000 feet below in the valley. Yes, weather permitting.
The Risk: Cold putting hands.
The Reward: Living out your dream of winning the preppy biathlon.

Ski season expected to begin Dec 13, Wintergreen Resort, Route 664, Wintergreen, VA, 434-325-2200

Destination Sledding in West Virginia

Destination Sledding in West Virginia

The Challenge: A quarter-mile hill, groomed especially for sledding, at this cabin-dotted state park.
The Risk: The lack of mattresses at the bottom.
The Reward: Doing it again, thanks to the conveyor belt that... conveys you back to the top.

Snowmobiling at Night

Snowmobiling at Night

The Challenge: An hour-long tour of the entire ski basin at Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia by snowmobile. At night.
The Risk: Trees.
The Reward: We’re not sure. But possibly: having something in common with Todd Palin.

Ziplining in December

Ziplining in December

The Challenge: Taking nine ziplines around the famous New River Gorge. One of them is backward. Another is blind, so you can’t see the finish. And they’re all cold.
The Risk: You’re 120 feet above ground.
The Reward: Views of the gorge, plus nearby canyons and streams.

Ice Climbing the Mountains of NC

Ice Climbing the Mountains of NC

The Challenge: Sticking an axe in a giant pitch of ice. And then doing it again, until you get to the top.
The Risk: Gravity.
The Reward: Hand-harvesting ice for your après-climb cocktail.

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