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These Guys Are Really Serious About Wool

2008720ecf3ebd08a41660892d6cfd82Here we are, just 47 days into fall, and we’ve reached sweater weather.

So let’s do it right with some over-the-top wool from Montana.

Feel the sweet embrace of Duckworth, a new outfitter that’s very serious about wool. Like, so serious they raise sheep in their backyard, knit everything in these United States and then utilize the Internet/mail to send the end result (shirts and stuff) straight to your body. Anyway, it’s online now.

So if you could use any of the following...

—a lightweight three-button henley for wearing with jeans
—a slim-fitting waffle-knit hoodie for tailgate situations
—an insulated snap-up shirt that would look great near a bonfire

... then yes, this is the place to get it.

And on the site you’ll see that several more wearables will become available between now and early December. Like a quarter-zip sweater and a T-shirt sporting a well-dressed bear.

You can never have too many of those.

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