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A Little Backpack That Holds 10 Golf Clubs

None Go get your golf bag.

Now toss it in your trunk, drive to the airport, carry it to the counter, check it, fly to wherever it is you’re going for the holidays, wait for it at the carousel, carry it around some more, put it in the trunk and... golf.

Oh? That doesn’t sound fun?

Then come, be enlightened by DV8 Sports’ Golf Clubs, an Atlanta-based creation involving a full set of Transformer-like golf clubs that break down small enough to fit inside a backpack, available online now.

The idea is pretty simple: make your golf clubs smaller. And the execution is pretty simple, too: the heads instantly snap on and off of the shaft without the use of tools. Tools aren’t ideal.

Tomorrow is November. Meaning... not exactly golf season. But maybe you’re flying south for the winter. Maybe you’ve invested in a pair of insulated knickers. Doesn’t matter.

Because you’re getting a package in the mail containing up to 10 clubs, one shaft and one bag that goes around your shoulders. Just treat it like a normal golf bag.

A normal golf bag that weighs 15 pounds and has an iPad flap for watching instructional videos.

Or whatever it is you watch while wearing funny pants.

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