Yard House

The Longest Yard

An Addison Bar with 130 Drafts and 11 Burgers

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They say variety is the spice of life.

We say beer is delicious.

Somewhere in there is a compelling argument for the merits of this place.

Meet Yard House, a destination kind of spot you’ll visit for 130 draft beers and hopefully some dinner, opening tonight in Addison. (See it here.)

Maybe you’ve heard of it.
They’ve got locations across the country, but this is the first in DFW. So step inside to say hello. Compliment the four-sided bar and the leather booths. Then offer to buy yourself a beer. They’ll like that.

About those 130 beers...
You’ve got a mix of locals and not locals to choose from, and each one’s available by the pint, goblet or half yard. That’s beer talk for a tall 32-ounce glass. (See the list.)

The food menu... it’s big, too.
We’re talking black-truffle cheeseburgers, steak sandwiches, Korean short rib tacos and other things that go nicely with beer. (Check it out.)

Be sure to look up.
See those metal ducts running across the ceiling? They start in that refrigerated keg room in back, and they run all 130 beers straight to the bar’s taps.

That gives you an idea for your house.


Yard House
5100 Belt Line Rd
Dallas, TX, 75254


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