The More You Yo

Because Not All Pictures Should Last Forever

None Instagram is a place for carefully composed photos that make your life look like a series of storybook moments.

Yovo is a place for precisely the opposite of that.

It’s a new app for posting and viewing self-destructing photos within the warm confines of a completely secure news feed (should you... need something like that), available now for iPhone.

It’s basically a virtual photo shredder for those pics that are 1) too good not to share and 2) too bad to keep around forever.

You’ll jump in the app and create what looks like an Instagram feed. Then you’ll post photos to it and see what other users are posting. But instead of it being static, random photos keep disappearing.

Say you go to a Halloween party this weekend and wake up the next morning to find a bunch of pictures that really have no business existing longer than a second to 24 hours. Before you post it, the app will prompt you do things like:

—Set a timer for when it should expunge itself.
—Blur out any obscenities.
—Scramble it with vertical lines if anyone tries to screenshot it.

Because someone will try to screenshot it.

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