Keg Service at Dixie's Dam Country Bar

Tapping into History

The World Premiere of Keg Service

UrbanDaddy - Keg Service at Dixie’s Dam Country Bar You've been around the city more times than Wayne Newton, and by now you probably think you've seen it all.

But just as you settle into another mundane night of Krug magnums and high-stakes baccarat, we may have tapped into an idea so revolutionary—so absolutely life-transforming—that the only appropriate response is dumbfounded awe.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the era of Keg Service.
Yes, it's just what it sounds like: bottle service with a pretapped keg of Amber Bock in place of a vodka bottle. Just ditch your usual table at Caesars and head down the Strip to the mecca of luxury, class and nightlife innovation known as the Hooters Casino Hotel. For $200, the fine folks at Dixie's Dam Country Bar will set you up with a keg of anything from Budweiser to Windermere Hefeweizen, before leaving you to discuss world affairs without the vain distractions of mixers, glass cups or fully clothed waitresses.
Of course, Hooters is still Hooters, so you'll have a steady stream of loud music and dancing girls to accompany you on your keg-fueled hoedown, along with the occasional country act on stage. But we're guessing your attention will be elsewhere…

And we're not just talking about the beer.


Keg Service at Dixie's Dam Country Bar
115 East Tropicana Avenue
The Strip
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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