Camden Cocktail Lounge: A Sultry Watering Hole With Drinks That'll Make Your Eyes Pop

Sip From a Smoking Glass Pipe or a Man's Metal Head Inside the Palms

By Jason Harris ·
Photo Credit: Clique Hospitality

The cosmos remain a mystery.

So when you tell your friends you've just had some of "the most beautiful drinks in the known universe," no one can really dispute it.

You're merely sharing your enthusiasm for Camden Cocktail Lounge, a sexy new hideaway with some of the best drinks in town, and a lot of other known points, now open at Palms Casino Resort.

You'll find it dressed head-to-toe in black, accessorized with leather sofas, notorious artwork and gold neon confessing, "All I Ever Wanted Was Everything." Thankfully, all anyone will want is an Instagram photo of that sign, then a drink.

Whether you're here with a date or a birthday gang in mini-dresses and high-tops, your mission is to try as many of bartender Eric Hobbie's ingenious cocktails as you can. Because he's playing on another level, with smoke and tiny houses and custom glassware on a large menu of options.

Drinks like... 

The Hef: Prepared tableside with mezcal, vermouth and activated charcoal vanilla tincture and quaffed from a smoking glass pipe. Just how you prefer your activated charcoal vanilla tincture.

Lost in the Woods: Where you're served a small wooden house with a puffing chimney aside a glass gem bearing gin, yellow chartreuse, green pine cone syrup and rosemary air. It smells like leaves crushed underfoot in the forest. But tastes... not like that.

Elvis Is In the Building: A shooter of peanut-washed rum and housemade banana liqueur in a peanut butter cookie shot glass. Because you need to regret something in the morning.

The Banana Hammock: A human-head-shaped tankard filled with that banana liqueur, Mt. Gay Eclipse rum, lime and chocolate bitters. It's good.

And not at all embarrassing to order by name.

Jason Harris

Jason Harris is a writer and comedian based out of Las Vegas. He knows every good pizza spot in town and can tell you which taco truck in Chinatown to visit. When his brother got engaged, his mother called him and asked, "Are you alright?"

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