A Timeless Gin Joint at the Strip's Freshest Hotel

Drink From a Bird's Tail Inside Park MGM

By Jason Harris ·
Linda Evans

Remember "Fortune-teller?" 

You know, the kid's game where you flipped around a sectioned-off origami pyramid to learn who you'd marry, where you'd live and what job you'd have later in life?

Well, now you get to incorporate that precise form of science into your grown-up gin-and-tonic routine.

Live the dream at Juniper Cocktail Lounge, a gilded chamber of gin, cocktails and whimsy now open at Park MGM. Yes, whimsy. Take a look inside.

This place has "elegant rendezvous with a date" written all over it. Not literally. It's more of a sophisticated, old world spread of velvet-tufted bar chairs and sofas under a gold ceiling bearing chandelier branches. We're trying to make "chandelier branches" a thing.

Gin is the specialty here. They have 76 types of it. So you'll want to play fortune-teller with the bartender to learn which kind of botanical-stuffed gin-and-tonic variation is destined for your glass. Of course, this will naturally be a dependable spot for a Ramos Gin Fizz or martini, as well.

Or you could always just go for the Bird, a mix of gin, strawberry, dry vermouth and fresh lemon served in a glass resembling a winged creature that you'll sip through a straw poking out of a thicket of mint tail feathers. 

Unless your date is afraid of birds.

Some people are afraid of birds.

Jason Harris

Jason Harris is a writer and comedian based out of Las Vegas. He knows every good pizza spot in town and can tell you which taco truck in Chinatown to visit. When his brother got engaged, his mother called him and asked, "Are you alright?"

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