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Ted Turner’s Island, by the Numbers

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Ted Turner once said he wanted to own enough property so that he could ride a horse from Canada to Mexico without ever having to leave his own land.

Quick geography lesson: South Carolina’s coast doesn’t factor into that.

Which might explain why Ted Turner’s Private Island has recently come on the market.

But it doesn’t explain the numbers. Hence:

Year Ted Turner purchased this Beaufort County island: 1979
What he paid then: undisclosed
What it’ll cost you today: $23,777,000
Ratio of total acres to sandy beach acres: 4,680:70
Hours from Atlanta: about five
Ways you can reach it other than by boat: 0
Ways you can reach it if you’re a really strong swimmer: 1
Houses currently on the island: 2 (one main, one manager’s)
Rooms in the main one: five
Other houses you’re allowed to build on it: up to 10
Days until New Year’s Eve: 72
People you’re mentally adding to your private-island-NYE-party guest list: many
Giant screened-in porches and brick fireplaces that’ll keep your guests warm: one of each
Odds that Ted’s mustache will make an appearance: his people will let your people know

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