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Deep Ellum Brewery Opened a Bar

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Today we bring word of Deep Ellum Taproom.

It’s a cozy hangout you’ll visit for draft beers, bar games and watching things on TV, and it’s open now at Deep Ellum Brewing Company.

That’s the gist of it. But read on for extra credit.

This place is a nice place.
It’s got a real hospitable, hunker-down-all-day vibe. We credit the community tables, the light fixtures fashioned from mini kegs and the wooden bar painted a lovely... let’s call it seafoam green. (Go ahead, look at it.)

They’re pouring beers seven days per week.
Used to be, you could only drink straight from the source on official tour days. Which didn’t help you any if you were craving a fresh IPA at 3pm on a Wednesday. But now, you can swing by any day (or every day) of the week. With great power...

The beers aren’t just regular beers.
Sure they’ve got the classics. But you’re going here for special releases you often can’t find anywhere else. Like Oak Cliff Coffee Ale, Numb Comfort and Morpheus, a Belgian strong ale.

They’ve got some extras, too.
Like a dartboard, giant checkers and some very big TVs.

Your bases are officially covered.


Deep Ellum Taproom
2823 St. Louis St
Dallas, TX, 75226


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