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Your Next Riverside-Date Play. This Is It.

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Colorado is a wondrous place.

Mountains. Clean air. Lots of people with the munchies.

That combination tends to produce some great restaurants...

For instance, The Kitchen, a polished little American brasserie that opens its first location outside of the Rocky Mountain State on Monday in River North. (See the slideshow here.)

Your breakdown goes thusly:

You’ll have great views.
The entire place runs along the Chicago River. Waving to architecture tours: your call.

The entrance isn’t bad either.
On your left, a formidable wine room. In front of you, a raw bar stocked with fresh oysters and lobster. It’s a nice hello.

A guy named Musk is involved. No, the other Musk.
After Elon Musk and his brother Kimbal sold a little something called PayPal to eBay, Elon started some car company. Kimbal went to culinary school and cofounded this place.

You have a sexy new date spot.
You’ll take up in a corner at a mirror-top bistro table under glass bauble chandeliers. Order a shellfish tower. Split some tagliatelle. Do what comes naturally.

If you get the afternoon munchies...
They have Community Hours from 3 to 5pm, perfect for an off-site meeting hosted by oysters and hot toddies.

Warning: it’s a gateway toddy.


The Kitchen
316 N Clark St
(at the river)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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