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Hats and Leather and Skulls in the North End

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You’re about to get something special.

Something lovingly made by hand.

Something you can absolutely not wear during the national anthem.

Tip your hat to the William Carlton Workshop, a closet-size haberdashery full of leather, skulls and some gentlemen who want to measure your head, now open in the North End.

We’ll take your questions below:

What does it look like?
It’s about 300 square feet of hats, fabric and a seemingly infinite amount of random objects. (See the slideshow here.)

Such as?
Decorative skulls, a portrait of an anonymous sailor, pipes, a spear tip, two circa-1900 sewing machines still used for stitching hats...

What kind of hats?
We’re talking caps. The kind seen on a rakish 1920s newsboy. And you can go entirely custom.

How do I do that?
Make an appointment with one of the co-owners. Pick something from the heaps of vintage fabric lying about. He’ll measure your head. He’ll make it less awkward than it sounds. And in six hours, your hat exists. You don’t have to stay the whole time.

What if I’m not a hat person?
They make hand-stitched belts, card holders and wallets from vintage leather. And they’re currently working on a line of American-made jeans.

Hats: fun. Pants: mandatory.


William Carlton Workshop
148A Salem St
Boston, MA, 02113


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