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It’s an Auction of Vintage Playboy Pictures

None Vintage Playboy photo shoots.

Oh, hey. You made it to the next sentence. Great.

Now on to Helmut Newton Photographs for Playboy, an auction of 20 photographs featuring very unclothed women as captured by that guy in italics up there. You’ve got until tomorrow to place your bids.

You’re familiar with Mr. Newton’s work. And you can get much more familiar with it right here.

Take your time.


Okay, come back.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see what you’re working with, allow us to present you with this mini highlight reel to make your virtual-paddle-waving decisions that much easier:

—A model standing in front of an airplane backdrop wearing aviators. Sorry, only aviators.

—A naked woman in front of the Hollywood sign. Or the Hollywood sign behind a naked woman. Perspective.

—A Bel-Air photo shoot that somehow ended up on a tennis court with a very liberal dress code.

—An industrious and let’s-go-with-spirited girl suspended from a forklift.

Helmut loved a good forklift.

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