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Ski the Himalayas, Surf in Goa

2384ff82bcb4dc6d37db184c291e762565607fe911 PhotosSki and Surf: From the Majestic Himalaya to Goa in Style
One day you’re wearing the sweater equivalent of three alpacas, and the next you’re in a swimsuit.

Boy, this climate change stuff is really getting out of hand.

It’s either that or you’re prepping for Ski and Surf: From the Majestic Himalaya to Goa in Style. It’s both a mouthful to say and a 13-day trip traversing snowy Himalayan peaks and reclining on sunny Goan shores, now booking for a February 14 send-off. (Here’s a visual preview.)

Right, so packing could prove difficult. Better start with this stuff.

A Good Pair of Shoes: You’ll land in Delhi, where you’ll spend a day walking the streets, seeing the sights and shopping in bazaars before heading to Gulmarg for four days of skiing.

A (Very) Close Friend: Given the whole Valentine’s Day timing and double-occupancy rooms with wood-burning fireplaces and whatnot.

Ski Goggles: Take a gondola from Gulmarg to the summit, where you can negotiate powdery slopes at upwards of 13,000 feet. And see clearly, if you packed right.

Sunscreen: Après-ski, you’ll fly to Goa for five days of SPF-30-type activities that may include but are not limited to: surfing, sunbathing, beachside yoga and shading your drinks with little umbrellas.

Your Passport: Hopefully you’re not reading this on your way to the airport.


Ski and Surf: From the Majestic Himalaya to Goa in Style
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