Midnight Rambler

At Midnight

Serious Cocktails Beneath the Joule

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—“Sittin’ on a Fence”
—“Little Red Rooster”
—“19th Nervous Breakdown”
—“Midnight Rambler”

All of those are Rolling Stones songs.

But only one is a cocktail bar.

Here’s a hint: it’s Midnight Rambler, an underground throwback to serious drinking dens and an altogether comfortable place to spend your evenings, soft-open now and officially opening Friday at the Joule. (See the slideshow here.)

To find this place, enter the Joule’s lobby. Then locate the set of stairs marked with a neon yellow “cocktails” sign, and head on down. Because what awaits you is a stunning subterranean retreat full of leather booths, marble tables and glowing bulbs. It really sets the mood for what comes next.

That would be drinks, doled out via two bars. And the menu comes from a couple cocktailing veterans tied to some of NYC’s finest drinking establishments like Milk & Honey and Pegu Club. So that bodes well for your immediate future.

And if you’re hungry, upstairs neighbor CBD Provisions is serving up a few bar snacks like a Cuban sandwich and a charcuterie board.

It’s either that or eating garnishes.


Midnight Rambler
at The Joule
1530 Main St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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